Have trouble getting to sleep?

Have trouble getting to sleep?

Nearly everyone has trouble getting to sleep at one stage or another, but for some, it can be a regular ongoing problem. When this occurs, not only do you feel fatigued, but it can really interfere with your day-to-day tasks and impact your health.

Sometimes making small changes can make a big difference. Try these to help you sleep better.

  1. Reset your body clock – go to bed and get up at the same time each day, including weekends
  2. Wind down – have an hour of quiet time before bed, including avoiding electronic devices
  3. Avoid stimulants – within 2-3 hours of bedtime don’t smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine, or do exercise
  4. Bedroom makeover – keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet, and only use it for sleep or frisky stuff
  5. Get up – if you can’t sleep after 20 minutes, get up and do something until you feel tired
  6. Avoid naps – don’t sleep during the day
  7. Be active – do some regular exercise and get outside early in the day if you can
  8. Try Mumma J’s Baby Bedtime Lotion

The title ‘Mumma J’s Baby Bedtime Lotion’ might imply that it’s for babies, but it’s actually suitable for all ages. It uses a common ingredient found in other relaxing balms – Lavender. Lavender affects the parasympathetic nervous system which controls bodily processes associated with anxiety, such as heart rate, breathing rhythm and hormone secretion. Lavender helps in regulating these bodily processes by restoring a neutral state.

Bedtime Lotion

When my grandson Elliot (pictured right) was ten months old, he would get ‘upset’ (as babies do), and I’d rub him down with the balm and it would calm him right down. It’s also a balm I use on myself – I put it on my neck and décolletage – the oil absorbs into my skin which means I’m also inhaling it. It absolutely promotes inner calmness.

I don’t recommend putting essential oils straight onto your skin because you won’t know if you’re allergic or sensitive until it’s too late. And it is possible to be around it, inhaling it for the longest time – and yet, you may discover that you’re sensitive to it once you put it directly on your skin.

So, if you have a baby, child, stressed Mum, or adult having difficulty with bedtime or getting to sleep, Mumma J’s Baby Bedtime Lotion could be the most natural solution. Sometimes the act of massaging it in does the trick – it’ll calm the giver and receiver of the massage.

If your sleeping issues persist, you can contact Healthline for free on 0800 611 116 any time of the day or night for advice, no matter how small the issue.

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